19th August 2016

The start of our new life

Driving back from collecting our new home on Monday, I sat in the passenger seat looking out the window and smiled. Relief and a sense of peace came over me. It was blissful that drive home, watching the sun soaked fields blowing in the wind and listening to the archers on the radio I turned to Tom and said ‘this is alright isn’t it’ and too my surprise he said ‘I love it already’ (A big statement for a usually overly cautious man) From that moment we have loved our new home. Her name is Elsie (as she is an Elddis). All week we have been lovingly starting her reservation, ripping out old mdf and foam and replacing with wood and paint, building in a little bed for Barnaby, making house for ourselves the way we like it. Putting away our clothes and possessions feels right and everything so far has fitted perfectly. Over the coming days we will work hard to get her how we want her before we head off on our travels and begin our adventure, what fun will be in store for us?