02nd August 2016

The Adventure Begins

So a couple of months back now we were out on a family walk one morning and i was complaining about the mundaneness of ‘normal’ life. It just all seems so pointless to me – you go to work for far too many hours per week to pay for a house that you’re never in and go out every weekend to buy stuff you don’t need to make yourself feel better about it! This ‘normal’ pattern of behaviour has always seemed bizarre to me. Since getting married almost 3 years ago, I found our family doing just what I had always hated. So on I went, going on and on to my poor husband Tom about how we needed to do something radical, and that there was surely more to life than this! He politely nodded and agreed and I secretly prayed that something exciting would happen to us to force our little family to ‘grab life by the horns!’

Well… two weeks later, Tom suddenly and without prior warning got made redundant from his job. I suppose hat will do it!

So within a weekend we had chatted and prayed, gone all round the houses and decided to make the most of this situation – since I had asked for it! So the plan to up and move was born. We are moving into what can only be described as a dilapidated old persons camper van, pink velour and all! Our trusty home is not beautiful, but has a reliable engine and will look after us we are told. Slowly over the coming weeks we shall love her back, replacing fading velour curtains and cheap MDF until she is not only our house on wheels, but our own cosy tiny home.

Since getting married Tom and I have watched every episode of ‘Tint House Nation’ on youtube and feeling love with the idea of living tiny. Now we get to do it ourselves, time to begin this exciting new chapter of our lives!