19th July 2016

Introducing Ourselves

I am able to write this as my baby has an afternoon sleep on the bed at our hut situated at Thorness Bay on the North Coast of the Isle of Wight, sitting on the veranda in the sunshine inspires me to start to write.

I thought I would start by introducing ourselves. I am Hollie, wife to Tom and have a baby boy – Barnaby, who is 11 months old. Tom and I met 3 years ago and since living together often chat about various things of interest to us both. Our conversation mainly falls into these categories; Our faith, our love for our planet and caring for it, our love for beautiful things and anything made with love and time spent on it, and lastly our family and raising our son.

I am a stay at home Mum who loves to cook, constantly thinking up new recipes, and ways to make a little go a long way! I also love to sew and garden, walk our spaniel Lily and read and research almost anything!

My husband Tom loves to be creative and is never found without some sort of creative project underway! He works tirelessly and his dedication to perfection I always find inspiring.

We wanted to share a bit of our lives with you and hope you will enjoy reading about the things we do, adventures we have and moments which make us smile.